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Outpatient Detox

Not everyone’s ready to put their life on hold to go check into a facility as they detox. If that sounds like you, outpatient medical detox may be just what’s needed. The benefits of outpatient detox can open up powerful options to you.

  • Live your life
    • No need to interrupt your busy life
    • Keep your job (and vacation time) and stay at home each night
    • Outpatient detox is highly effective and minimizes side effects

  • Get peace of mind
    • You’ll be in expert medical hands
    • We’re the only state-certified outpatient detox clinic in Utah
    • Safe and affordable way to detox at home with regular doctor visits

  • Save time and money
    • No need to spend weeks to months detoxing in an expensive facility
    • Potentially save thousands using your insurance and co-pays
    • No insurance? Get discounts for paying cash

Addiction detoxification in Utah can now be done in an outpatient setting, making it more affordable for you while minimizing your side effects. We are the only clinic in Utah licensed with a state certification to do this.

Detox Is the First Step

The first stage of addiction recovery is detoxification.  You detox to bring your body into a state of health where you don’t need to be ingesting the drug to survive. You can detox by not taking the drug any longer and then try to manage the withdrawal symptoms on your own or in a supervised facility. These choices can be painfully uncomfortable and expensive.

Or, you can choose a medical detox as an inpatient or outpatient. Inpatient means checking into a facility for many thousands of dollars. Outpatient means visiting an addiction specialist doctor often as you detox. Both can help you minimize your withdrawal symptoms as you are constantly assessed by a professional and given medication to aid in your detox. Both types can be effective to start your way to recovery, but only an outpatient can keep working their job, keep going home at night, and can keep their detox expenses low.

When detox is complete, you can fully transition to recovery, which will help keep you from using harmful substances again.

If you believe you’re in need of Outpatient Medical Detox please call our 24-hour intake line at 801-503-9211

Our trained staff will help determine if you qualify for our program.

Let Your Insurance Work for You

White Tree Medical accepts over 80 insurance plans and can help maximize the use of your insurance benefits to pay for addiction services. If your insurance doesn’t cover addiction services, or for those wishing to pay cash, a competitive cash price is available.  You can save hundreds to thousands of dollars by choosing outpatient medical detox.

Call us and provide us your insurance information. We’ll verify your benefits for FREE. Once we have a response from your carrier we will let you know what you can expect to pay.

Medicaid Patients

Medicaid doesn’t currently pay for inpatient detox, but now it can pay for outpatient detox. White Tree Medical has worked with the State of Utah and regulatory agencies to allow Medicaid to cover outpatient medical detox at state licensed clinics. White Tree Medical is the first!


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“These people are amazing. The staff is ridiculously knowledgeable, uncommonly understanding, and overwhelmingly caring. I am so grateful to be cared by from such amazing people. This place is fantastic. Don’t hesitate, change your life today.”

Shad S.

“This is a wonderful place to get help with addiction. Very friendly staff . Reasonable rates. Takes most insurance. And easy to make a appointment. They have been helping me for over 3 years. Give them a try.”

Branda L.

“I’ve been to two other addiction recovery practices before this one and I can honestly tell you the whole staff is the best I’ve ever dealt with!
I’ve been a patient for about 6 months now and I always get treated with respect. They are friendly and are always willing to go above and beyond with their patient needs. We were stuck in Dallas and I was short on medication. When I called in to tell them my situation, they had my medication ordered at a nearby pharmacy within minutes. Everybody takes the time there to actually know you by name and they genuinely know you as a person. I could never go to another recovery clinic ever! This will be my last! If your looking for a friendly atmosphere without being judged then this is the place for you!”

Derrick S.


Here’s what real patients are saying
about White Tree Medical

“White Tree Medical has been nothing but kind, professional and caring since day one!! It’s not just your typical Doctors office. They treat you like a person rather than a symptom and all your needs are addressed. They have made me feel like Family and I am Comfortable talking about my life problems as well as getting my medication.”

Richelle S.

“White Tree is not the status quo. They make sure that first, they can help you, and then work with your insurance. Yes! Insurance! Most visits are no different than your family practitioner – you pay your copay.”

Carly L.

“Excellent facility that offers one of a kind type of care for people with addiction issues as well as chronic pain issues. The clinic is very welcoming and has a non-judgmental atmosphere. This is a life saving facility for anyone and everyone that finds their way to the facility and give the established program the chance it deserves.”

Carl B.