Outpatient Medical Detox

Outpatient Medical Detox is officially available in Utah. Our opioid and alcohol detox program centers around you and your busy life. We work hard in order to make your experience as easy as possible. After all, taking time away from family and work is hard enough. Let us help you recover conveniently and without wasted time.  And above all, our promise is to offer excellence in care.

Our Outpatient Medical Detox is a 35-day outpatient treatment program. It provides you with a medically supervised and treated detoxification process. We will work to alleviate the symptoms that occur when detoxing. Rest assured, your comfort and care are very important to us.

Furthermore, our services not only help you detox, but we prepare you for entrance into a counseling program. As a result, you will not only receive medical care but behavioral care as well. If you don’t have a counseling program in mind, then we will refer you to Capstone Counseling. After all, they are Utah’s largest outpatient treatment facility and their care is excellent!

Do I qualify for outpatient medical detox?

If you believe that you are in need of Outpatient Medical Detox, please call our 24-hour intake line.  Our trained staff will help determine if you qualify for our Outpatient Medical Detox program.  Please note that all patients are required to be over the age of 18 and cannot be pregnant.  Other exclusionary criteria may apply.  If our staff determines that you do not qualify for our program, we will provide you with alternative sources of care that will better suit your needs.

What will my outpatient medical detox consist of?

Each treatment consists of a 35-day complete outpatient program. You will come to the clinic each day for the first 7-11 days until your acute symptoms treated. Then, you will attend the clinic every other day in order to receive a medical follow up visit. We will monitor you until you have completed the full 35-day detox program.

Your program is overseen by a team of medical professionals. The team consists of physicians, psychiatrists, registered nurses, case managers and medical assistants. After the detoxification and if you desire, you will be transitioned into the Utah Capstone Counseling long-term counseling program.

Outpatients can continue to function relatively normally and maintain employment as well as family and social relationships. Compared with inpatients, those patients in outpatient treatment retain greater freedom, continue to work and maintain day-to-day activities with fewer disruptions and incur fewer treatment costs.

– Motoi Hayashida, M.D., Sc.D. NIH (National Institute of Health)

Where you can receive outpatient medical detox

South Jordan, UT


10437 South Jordan Gateway,

South Jordan, Utah 84095

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| The white tree difference

We claim our White Tree Difference because of our approach. Our entire program is built upon the foundation of individual success. Each case of opioid or alcohol abuse is unique. We understand this. At White Tree Medical we work hard to give each patient a customized treatment plan. By taking this approach our patients can continue in life all while receiving treatment. There is no need to quit a job or leave the family to enter rehab. All of our services are outpatient based and we tailor them to your demands in life. Our patients have freedom. Freedom to succeed without having to stop life to get help. In addition to customized treatment plans our services are medically based. We use cutting edge medical treatments to help you recover. In the end, we want you to leave our program having received excellence in care and a successful recovery.

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