Pain Management

Many individuals struggle with chronic pain. Whether it be from a sports injury, past surgery or the bodies natural way of acquiring pain with time. Whatever the case White Tree Medical will help you address your pain issues.

We provide you with a regimen of buprenorphine treatments that have proven to be effective with individuals suffering from chronic or acute pain. We also take extra care of our monitoring system as you continue taking pain medication. Frequently, we drug screen in order to prevent addictive behaviors.

Do I Qualify?

If you are over the age of 18 and suffer from acute or chronic pain, then we would love to help you! In general, we do not accept pregnant patients. However, if you are pregnant, then we will coordinate your care with another facility.

What will my pain management consist of?

You will receive service for chronic or acute pain. The program is structured for 3 months. After the 3 months, you will have a case by case basis visit frequency. The program will consist of weekly, bi-weekly and monthly visits with a buprenorphine doctor, frequent drug screening, and case management visits. We strive to offer expert medical care in order to help you continue in an active and healthy life.

Chronic pain patients may be more difficult to manage than those in acute pain due to secondary medical and psychiatric disorders related not only to the disease but also to disease treatment. The goal in providing effective therapy should be to eliminate or reduce the pain, to improve the patient's quality of life, and to minimize medication side effects...the physiochemical characteristics and pharmacological profile of buprenorphine make it an excellent medication for the treatment of both acute and chronic pain.

Where you can receive pain management

South Jordan, UT


10437 South Jordan Gateway

South Jordan, UT 84095

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| The White Tree Difference

We claim our White Tree Difference because of our approach. Our entire program is built upon the foundation of individual success. Each case of opioid or alcohol abuse is unique. We understand this. At White Tree Medical we work hard to give each patient a customized treatment plan. By taking this approach our patients can continue in life all while receiving treatment. There is no need to quit a job or leave the family to enter rehab. All of our services are outpatient based and we tailor them to your demands in life. Our patients have freedom. Freedom to succeed without having to stop life to get help. In addition to customized treatment plans our services are medically based. We use cutting edge medical treatments to help you recover. In the end, we want you to leave our program having received excellence in care and a successful recovery.