Company History

How and why it all started…

In August 2016 Dr. Canfield and his son C.L. Canfield founded the outpatient treatment clinic White Tree Medical. Together they made the company into what it is today. The hope was to bring substance abuse recovery medical services to Utah. They saw the need for a clinic that specialized in these services (namely outpatient medical detox, and Suboxone®/Subutex® treatments) and it was difficult to find insurance accepting physicians in the state to meet the people’s needs. Today White Tree Medical is a fully functional outpatient medical treatment clinic that is proud to take part in the success of their patient’s. White Tree Medical works hard to acquire lasting relationships with rehab centers, hospitals, clinics and most importantly their patient’s.

Our Mission

White Tree Medical provides EXCELLENCE in patient care to any individual who suffers from substance abuse. This is accomplished by being dedicated, compassionate, educating ourselves in modern research and exemplifying professionalism in our clinics and staying current with cutting-edge research.

Our Vision

To provide the highest quality of medical addiction services in the marketplace with ongoing innovation to result in a lifetime of sobriety for as many patients as possible.

Our Values