Opioid Stigmas: Are They All True?


Hello! Stigmas suck. They are so hard to shake and when you try to reason with people who believe the stigma to be true it is nearly impossible to break. Yeah sure, it is hard...but what about when it causes death? Yup, we are talking about the stigmas that surround opioid prescriptions. Hold on a [...]

Opioid Stigmas: Are They All True?2021-07-14T20:15:57+00:00

Opioid Crisis


The opioid crisis is everywhere! At least once a week something shows up in the news relating to the opioid crisis. President Trump not too long ago declared it a national health emergency. How did it come to this? And what are we going to do about it? Those are the big questions, aren't they? [...]

Opioid Crisis2021-07-14T20:24:00+00:00
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