This is a very special time of year. Work parties, family gatherings, old friends and new ones all gather together to celebrate life and time spent together. When asked “What are you doing for the Holiday?” most people will answer with “Spending time with family,” or “I have some parties to go to,” but one thing that is rarely heard is “I am struggling to connect, you see, I am addicted and dealing with it,” or “My meds ran out and I can’t find a doctor that’s in his office over Christmas, so I’m actually in withdrawals right now,” or “This sucks, I just remembered how i mistreated and lied to everyone in my life to hide what’s going on.” These are thoughts of many people at this time of year, and we are here to help.

At White Tree Medical we want anyone trying to deal with these things, especially in light of the Holiday season, to know that we can help. Whenever you feel sick and alone trying to juggle life by yourself be assured we are here to balance that part you maybe can’t share with everyone else, and assure your safety and health. Come and talk to us and we can help you whatever step you’re on in your journey, we will help you.

At our clinic we have a Christmas Tree standing next to the reception center. When you walk by take a minute and take a close look at the ornaments. If you read the notes on some of them, you can see how living sober brought a family together, or having pain under control let someone take part in a special holiday tradition they couldn’t do for years, or how there is a person that doesn’t know you but is thinking of you and is wishing you strength through this potentially difficult time. Don’t feel alone, there are people doing what you’re doing, that have experienced it and lived it and want you to know they found a way through. Let us be a part of you finding that way, we know you can.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas,

White Tree Medical Staff