Rehab Doesn’t Work

White Tree Isn’t Rehab

Rehabs too often rush their patients through the detox process and attempt to correct the mental and emotional behavior of the addict BEFORE the addict’s brain has the chance to heal.

Inpatient (rehab) treatment programs have an alarmingly low success rate for those struggling to overcome addiction. They also charge alarmingly high prices.

White Tree Medical is a unique outpatient clinic. We have an 84% success rate in the FIRST treatment, at a far more affordable price.

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Why White Tree? 

Why Rehab Doesn’t Work

Inpatient (rehab) treatment programs have an alarmingly low success rate for those struggling to overcome addiction. They also charge alarmingly high prices. Our medical outpatient addiction clinic is different.

Rehabs too often rush the detox process and attempt to correct mental and emotional behaviors BEFORE the addict’s brain has the chance to repair its wiring. Inpatient facilities ignore this basic medical issue: an addict’s brain simply isn’t ready to change the behavior that led them into addiction. Rehab patients all too often become a revolving door commodity.

The scientific truth is that long-term addiction causes the brain to rewire itself, making it virtually impossible for the addict to “just stop drinking” or to “just stop taking pills.” Addiction is not a moral failure; it is a medical condition.

Rehabs have only a 7-10% sobriety success rate after an average of five treatments.

White Tree has an incredible 84% success rate in helping addicts reach sobriety after their first treatment program.

HOW? Eight out of ten White Tree patients experience little to no withdrawal symptoms. White Tree addresses the medical conditions within the brain first, through an individualized, tapering detox program.

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Everyone here cares about you and inspires you to do better. It’s saved my life, my family and their lives, and my sanity. Thank you all for your support.

LeeAnn Yeaman

White Tree Medical has been a blessing in my life. Dr. Canfield and staff have been there for me in such a difficult time in my life. There is not one bad thing I could say about them, other than thank you so much for being such a wonderful outlet for many things in my life.
Joseph Larkin

Why White Tree Medical Works

Long-term substance abuse rewires the brain, making it nearly impossible to get sober without help. White Tree Medical focuses on the medical causes of addiction.

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Our Services

We provide what we believe to be the most comprehensive medical services available in Utah to achieve and maintain your sobriety. We do this in three measured steps….

Step One

Outpatient Detox
Let’s heal your brain. Our Outpatient Detox Program helps you detox while you continue living your life.

Step Two

Case Management
Once your brain begins to heal, we can start helping you address the reasons behind your addiction.

Step Three

Long-Term Care
The key to staying sober is having a phenomenal support team. From your first visit to White Tree, you become a part of our family. We stay with you through our long-term follow-up and medication programs to help you succeed in choosing to stay sober.

Other Services:

Opioid Addiction Medication Management

Opioid Addiction Support

White Tree Medical is a fully certified Suboxone®/Subutex® medical care center. We are the ONLY licensed Outpatient Detox Treatment facility in Utah. We support you in staying free from long-term pharmaceutical dependence.

Pain Management

Additional Support

Far too many addictions begin with a patient simply following their doctor’s plan of treatment. Opiate-based drugs are powerful pain management solutions that often lead to dependency. White Tree Medical offers a safer pain management support program.

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Addiction Support

Treating alcohol addiction is significantly different from treating other addictions. Our skilled and dedicated medical staff are trained in helping you or a loved one overcome dependence on alcohol.

Illicit and Street Drugs

Other Substance Abuse Support

The path of addiction often spirals down from a doctor’s prescription or recreational use into dependence on heavier and more damaging drugs. Cocaine, Heroin, and Crystal Meth are too cheap, too dangerous, and too available. White Tree Medical offers complete medical management for patients who want to stop using all illicit or abused substances.

I am so grateful for Dr. Canfield, Rob, and Traci. I did NOT think I would ever be able to live a normal life. I went in to Dr. Canfield desperate for help. A year later, I am completely sober and living a fulfilling, happy life. Please consider going to White Tree if you feel you’re beyond saving. I never leave reviews but I hope if I can help save someone from despair and addiction, this review will be worth it. What a great team with caring, compassionate, medical support. I will be forever grateful I stumbled into White Tree.
Mari Black