Sobriety starts with detox

Outpatient is safe and comfortable

The first step toward recovery from addiction can be painful and difficult.  Withdrawal can mean severe flu symptoms, aches, shakes, muscle pain, vomiting, or in may cases risk of strokes, seizures or other life-threatening complications.

Our outpatient detox program can minimize those symptoms through expert medical care, combined with professional counseling to address the problems and setbacks that come up in early sobriety, and we can do it without checking into the hospital.

We support clients through complex medical problems, we help work through the practical challenges that come with positive change, and we can identify and treat the root problems that contribute to an individual’s addictions. 

Once an individual has gained their footing in early recovery, we can help them sort through their options for further care, identifying which supports will be most effective for their ongoing success, and then follow-up with long-term medical care to help them stay on track and continue in healthy sobriety.

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Why White Tree? 

We are here to help you find success.

Life is complicated, and people who find themselves trapped in a cycle of addiction rarely do so intentionally.  Many people are caught up in a cycle of opioid dependence after serious injury or surgeries, while others struggle with traumatic events and complex mental health problems, and still others are slowly caught up in increasingly self-destructive habitual cycles that were never intended to create a problem. 

Starting the road to recovery means first finding compassion with he root causes, and reducing the guilt and shame that come from the stigma of addiction.  We want to help people comfortably step down from initial dependence, and then guide them through recovery with diligence, expertise, care and compassion.

Medical treatment of addiction means means addressing real and serious medical problems, such as chronic pain, physical cravings, and many other medical concerns.  Combining that care with supportive counseling also means recognizing patterns of mental illness that often accompany addiction, such as anxiety, depression, and trauma, as well as the practical problems such as family conflict, financial stress, employment challenges, or many other issues that are sure to arise as people start to work through positive changes.  

After a client starts on a positive path, we want to continue active care.  We want to follow an individual through their journey to a healthier life, to be there when they can’t sleep, when they run into practical setbacks or relationship conflict, when they have an accident or need surgery, or any other similar challenges.  Long-term followup for routine medical care means we are there when you need us, and can help people stay on course or get back on track before a problem becomes a crisis or a crisis becomes a relapse.

If you are struggling with finding a path to sobriety, call us.  We can help.

Accepting Medicare & Medicaid, Select Health, and most other commercial insurance

Everyone here cares about you and inspires you to do better. It’s saved my life, my family and their lives, and my sanity. Thank you all for your support.

LeeAnn Yeaman

White Tree Medical has been a blessing in my life. Dr. Canfield and staff have been there for me in such a difficult time in my life. There is not one bad thing I could say about them, other than thank you so much for being such a wonderful outlet for many things in my life.
Joseph Larkin

Why White Tree Medical Works

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Our Services

We provide what we believe to be the most comprehensive medical services available in Utah to achieve and maintain your sobriety. We do this in three measured steps….

Step One

Outpatient Detox
Lets get you started.  Our goal in the early stages of this process is to keep people comfortable and get them on their feet.

Step Two

Supportive Counseling
Every person’s situation is unique, and the problems and root causes that have come with their addiction need to be addressed to find long-term sobriety.

Step Three

Long-Term Care
The key to staying sober is long-term support.  We are happy to help clients sort through options for additional care, and continue medical supervision for physical and mental health concerns.  Long-term followup means we are there when problems arise, and are happy to help solve them before a problem becomes a crisis or a relapse.

Other Services:

Medically Assisted Treatment

Harm reduction works.

A variety of medications can be useful to reduce cravings and keep people away from acute substances.  Naltrexone, Antabuse, Subutex, Suboxone, Vivitrol, and Sublocade are all valuable tools that can help people stabilize before they get to the detox phase.

Pain Management

Medical problems require help.

Individuals with real and legitimate pain have a very difficult time stopping opioid or alcohol dependence.  Our medical team have extensive experience treating chronic pain in an effective way, while minimizing and even removing dependence on narcotic pain medication.

Mental Health Care

Mental illness fuels addiction

Many individuals self-medicate mental health problems by turning to addictive substances, and without addressing and treating mental health problems, many people who pursue recovery will return to addiction when those problems resurface or increase.  Addressing long-term mental health care from both the medical and counseling approaches is critical for success in sobriety.

Family Practice Care

Routine care for ongoing problems.

Sobriety starts with detox, but addiction is a life-long danger.  By keeping ongoing problem with routine medical care, we can handle the regular problems that everybody experiences, while always keeping an eye on the potential for relapse.  We don’t expect or predict a return to addiction, but we want to be there to get people back on track if it happens.

I am so grateful for Dr. Canfield, Rob, and Traci. I did NOT think I would ever be able to live a normal life. I went in to Dr. Canfield desperate for help. A year later, I am completely sober and living a fulfilling, happy life. Please consider going to White Tree if you feel you’re beyond saving. I never leave reviews but I hope if I can help save someone from despair and addiction, this review will be worth it. What a great team with caring, compassionate, medical support. I will be forever grateful I stumbled into White Tree.
Mari Black